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Arable crops report

Veneto Agricoltura in collaboration with the Veneto Region Environmental Protection Agency and the Plant Protection Service has recently introduced a service intended to help users requiring information on arable crops (especially on maize). Data is continually updated providing farmers with the latest information concerning plant diseases and suggestions for possible intervention.


Specific information concerning the following is available:

          Sowing period and early risks effecting initial growth;

          Agronomic data (depending on the season) including information regarding herbicide applications;

          Warnings about possible damage by noctuides (Black cutworm) in April or May;

          WCR (Diabrotica virgifera virgifera) egg infestation;

          Adult rootworms;

          ECB development and population levels. Need for treatment is assessed as well as the proper time for interventions. Furthermore, the mycotoxins effects on crop quality are evaluated;

          The presence of other less common pests as well as their damage potential at local level are monitored to help support technicians and farmers;


Users can get free information sent to them via sms providing their mobile number by email ( or by telephone (049/8293847). Piante Erbacee - Versione inglese.doc