“Spreading information creates innovation”. This is Veneto Agricoltura’s slogan which launched the setting up of three units required by the Veneto Region in the implementation of the Rural Development Plan: the
Training and Information Center, the Innovation Observatory and the Economics Observatory.
Veneto Agricoltura’s Training and Information Center was established to promote agricultural knowledge deriving from research conducted by the Innovation Observatory and market as well as economic analyses carried out by the Economic Observatory, promoting this information through meetings, forums, training courses, newsletters, web pages together with a number of publications.



On average
Veneto Agricoltura organizes about 40 conferences and 50 training courses annually. The high quality of its work and a number of very experienced speakers taking part in the events attract an audience from various sectors including technicians, professionals, teachers, educators, representatives of agricultural associations, farmers, etc. and often on a national level.

The annual program is scheduled on the basis of the suggestions given by Veneto Agricoltura Departments and the Veneto Region, and according to the needs of farmer’s professional associations present in the Veneto area.

Over the years Veneto Agricoltura has developed considerable expertise in providing distant training courses, encouraging
e-learning and making available to professional communities
virtual meeting places.

Courses and conferences are promoted via post or e-mail. A scheduled timetable of courses and events is published on this web site.

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The Training and Information Center is situated at the Benedectine Court of Legnaro (PD).