Regional network for conservation and characterization
of biodiversity of agricultural interest

The BIONET Program sees the collaboration between eight Venetian entities which formed a temporary Association purpose in order to initiate actions targeted and concerted (characterization, collection),  as well as accompaniment (information, spread) aimed to the recovery and conservation of breeds in danger of extinction and vegetable species at risk genetic erosion. The necessity to activate a Program aimed at the recovery and conservation of biodiversity of agricultural interest is motivated by the consideration that genetic diversity represents a resource that must be preserved for future generations. The farmers and breeders can perform the role of guardians of biodiversity but at condition that it is warrant a reasonable profitability in the use of local genetic resources. However, the important activity of farmers and breeders keepers alone is not sufficient to start a process of enhancement of biodiversity as a factor of local development. The BIONET Program attend the keepers activities with actions targeted and concerted (characterization, collection), as well as accompaniment (information, spread) fulfilled by public entities operating in biodiversity field at regional level.

The BIONET Program objectives are:

Recovery, conservation and characterization of genetic diversity of breeds and of varieties of agricultural vegetables species in danger of extinction and/or menaced by genetic erosion;

Maintenance or increase the number of varieties of agricultural vegetables species raised and of heads of the several local breeds;

Identification, classification, conservation of the ecotypes forage species of naturalistic value;

Increase of knowledge and sensibility for the biodiversity safeguard;
Realization of information activities and results spread;

The Entities that have implemented the Regional Network are: Veneto Agricoltura, Provincial Administration of Vicenza, Padua University, Experimental Zooprophylatic Institute of Venice,  Research Center for Viticulture (CRA-VIT) in Conegliano (Treviso) and the Superior Institutes of Agriculture Education in Feltre (Belluno), Padua and Castelfranco Veneto (Treviso). The program in network, coordinated by Veneto Agricoltura, foreseen seven work groups and 34 subprograms, that see the involvement, for two years (2013-2014), of the Entities associated in network. At scientific level the BIONET Program see the involvement of a team of over 30 persons among Teachers, Researchers and PhDs.


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