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Veneto Agricoltura, Veneto agency for innovation in the primary sector, is an instrumental body of the Region ofvVeneto, which carries out support activities for the Regional Council in the field of agricultural sector policies, agribusiness, forestry and fisheries. He deals with applied research and experimentation aimed at testing and dissemination of technological and organizational innovations aimed at improving the competitiveness of businesses and supply chains productive, environmental sustainability, in the agricultural, agri-food, forestry and fisheries sectors.

It carries out actions of dissemination and transfer to the production system of technological, organizational, process and innovation innovations product, including the processes of valorisation and quality certification, also using structures private productive representative of the different productive realities of the regional territory.

Work for the safeguard and protection of native plant and animal biodiversity of agricultural, naturalistic and fish interest as well as in management of the regional forest domain.

In addition to its headquarters in Agripolis (Legnaro-Pd), it is present in the Veneto region with the following structures:

  • 1 Institute for quality and agri-food technologies (Thiene-Vi)
  • 4 demonstrative pilot farms: ValleVecchia (Caorle-Ve), Diana (Mogliano-Tv), SasseRami (Ceregnano-
    Ro), Villiago (Feltre-Bl)
  • 4 Experimental Centers: Horticulture – Po diTramontana (Rosolina-Ro), Frutticolo – Pradon (PortoTolle-Ro),
    Viticolo Enologia Grappa (Conegliano-Tv), plant biodiversity and out of forest (Montecchio P.-Vi)
  • 2 Fish Centers: Bonello (PortoTolle-Ro), Valdastico (Vi)
  • 2 Forest centers: Cansiglio (Bl), Giazza (Vr)
  • 5 Reserves and Centers of naturalistic education: Vallevecchia (Caorle-Ve), Bosco Nordio (Chioggia-Ve), Center
    Vallorch, Museum of Man and Botanical Garden (Cansiglio-Bl); Cà Mello (PortoTolle-Ro), DoganaVecchia
    (Selva di Progno-Vr).

The demonstration and experimentation activity is carried out within community, national and regional projects.

It is a training organization accredited by the Veneto Region and carries out every year dozens of conference or training events
also at their own companies and centers; the publishing activity has a catalog with more than 300 titles.