The Innovation Observatory

Veneto Agricoltura’s internal team is committed to gathering information on a national and an international level particularly useful in the sectors of forestry, agriculture and  food.

Main activities
– It acquires the most recent research which is then submitted to researchers and producers for adaptation, approval and subsequent implementation in the Veneto Region;
– Collaborating with other Veneto Agricoltura teams in the development of project ideas and in the organisation of conferences and farm demonstration days;
– It is responsible for the creation and updating of Veneto Agricoltura’s web site; manages the documentary database  consisting of technical and scientific publications;
– It  also collaborates with the most reliable research centres  in the agriculture and agro-food sectors;

Informative sources
– A number of selected technical scientific and international journals;
– Web sites concerned with agriculture, forestry and agri-foods;
– Database consultation;
– The participation in technical and scientific team work;
– The close relationships with national and foreign research centres;
– The cooperation with national and international bodies with the aim of acquiring relevant documents for adaptation and reissue;
– The research and experimental projects carried out by Veneto Agricoltura;
– Information supplied by groups involved in specific projects.
Results are represented by:

– Bibliographical references in Veneto Agricoltura publications and its website;
§- The science secretary is involved in publications, conferences, technical and  scientific and project booklets, categorization and collection of relevant CD-roms, DvDs, etc.

It collaborates with the Training and Information Center to select the most appropriate methods to distribute the latest information to the Veneto Region.