Lattoinnesti naturali liofilizzati


Development of new starter cultures for traditional cheeses produced in the mountain areas of the Veneto Region

Natural starter cultures are complex associations of species and strains of lactic acid bacteria which can affect both the cheese-making procedure and the ripening profile. Although natural starters are an important source of strains with desirable technological properties, fluctuations in their composition may result in variable performances. On the other hand, the replacement of natural cultures with defined commercial starters composed of a limited number of strains may lead to cheeses with poor flavour and aroma. The aim of this work was to develop a protocol to produce a new type of starter cultures for traditional cheeses obtained from the freezedrying of natural milk cultures. These new autochthonous multiple strains culture could be representative of the microbial composition of the natural milk culture and could contribute to the specific and unique characteristics of artisanal traditional cheeses.

I risultati della ricerca sono stati presentati in forma di poster al convegno “Methods and issues in cheese authenticity studies: a workshop” tenutosi ad Avellino, 3-5 Settembre 2009

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