Bio-energy and Veneto Agricoltura perspectives

The ongoing world energy crisis coupled with the worry over climate change caused  by the increasing introduction of carbon dioxide (the main greenhouse gas) into the atmosphere, are drawing a lot of interest in renewable energy sources.
In the sphere of agriculture bio-energy crops are seen as a partial solution to emerge from the international crisis linked to economic globalisation and also to the problems that emerged after the end of the support given by the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).
By definition, bio-energy is renewable deriving from agricultural and forest products or residues.
Compared to the other forms of renewable energy, bio-energy appears to be a better source of energy, kinder to environment.
To meet the increasing demand for information and technical assistance, Veneto Agricoltura has set up a Bio Energy Strategy Policy.
This section of the website offers information about the main services and activities offered by Veneto Agricoltura in the area of bio-energy as well as the conclusions and results obtained.
The conditions in the Veneto region are particularly favourable for all bio-energy chains:

– Wood-Energy
– Biogas
– Biofuels, biodiesel, bioethanol, vegetable oil as fuel