Good nutrition is synonymous with well-being. The Agro-Food sector should protect  consumers and promote their health.
Veneto Agricoltura supports producers through the implementation of projects concerning food safety as well as  the protection and promotion of traditional regional products.
In order to test food safety, the Institute for Quality and Agro-Food Technologies  of Thiene (VI) together with the Pilot and Training Farms over the Veneto region use modern and highly sophisticated technologies.
Veneto Agricoltura’s policies cover all stages of the food chain, concerning both animal and agricultural products. Its involvement ranges from  breeding to rearing,  from sowing to harvesting and food processing.
Veneto Agricoltura aims at improving applied technologies paying particular attention to organic production.

– Milk Quality Laboratory
– Chemical Laboratory
– Microbiology Laboratory
– Biotechnology Laboratory
– Sensorial and Rheological Laboratory
– Centre for the Production of  Microbial Cultures

Laboratories, with experienced professionals and  modern equipment, can provide a prompt analytic service and carry out research projects. Accredited by ACCREDIA (Certificate n. 0429), which are in accordance with UNI CEI EN 17025 rule.

– Food and food processing analysis: according to national and international standards and law requirements
– Safety and health: advanced technologies guarantee the improvement of food quality (biosafety, functional foods, probiotics, methods for implementing and monitoring hygienic standards)
– Quality and tradition: The development of autochtonous starter cultures aimed at safeguarding the traditional characteristics of food products and maintaining their bond with the area in which they are produced
– Quality assessment: The optimisation of agro-food products through the development of objective methods for evaluating their chemical, microbiological and sensorial properties
– Food technology: The design and the implementation of innovative and environmentally friendly technologies, the exploitation of new processing and preservation techniques 
– Dissemination of results: results of our research are revealed at meetings, technical conferences and through specialized journals.

As contact us:
Institute for Quality and Agro-Food Technologies
Via San Gaetano, 74
36016 – Thiene (VI)
tel. 0039 445 802300
fax 0039 445 802301