Conservation Agriculture – 8 years of experiences in Veneto Region

VV.AA.|2019|on line|ISBN 978-88-6337-209-0

This publication collects the results of a series of projects carried out over the years 2011-2018 and partly still in progress, conducted by the Veneto Region, by Veneto Agricoltura and by the University of Padua. Veneto has been the first region in Italy to believe in the possibility of a reasoned amount of farms starting a new virtuous practice, through provided tools from agro-climatic-environmental payments by the RDP.
Over the considered planning periods, the participation of 83 farms to the Conservation agriculture system has been consolidated, for a total of about 2,400 hectares. The relative importance of the results achieved with this type of intervention lies mainly in the overall transformation that these farms have had to put in place, consequently meaning that they faced problems of different types and at different levels, especially during the first few years of their commitment.
Edited by Veneto Agricoltura – Agricultural Research Branch

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